Thank you Trends!

We’re pretty chuffed to be featured in the Commercial Trends Magazine for our Lead Contract and Project Management Role in the My Food Bag Fit Out… check out the article!

“Platform Consulting Group was called in as project manager and lead contractor for the transformation…. My Food Bag’s two functional requirements were allocated to different levels in the building – administration workstation space on the third floor and the highly specialised development kitchen on the ground floor.

To facilitate collaboration within and across teams, there was a deliberate decision not to screen any of the administration workspaces – even the co-CEO area is open to the wider environment.

However, each team does have its own meeting rooms for more private conversations and interactions, and colour has been injected into these too.

The ground floor development kitchen continues the general aesthetic of the upper floor, but is designed as a production line for the 30-40 recipes that need to be created each week.

This includes 10 residential scale kitchen stations that are used to test the recipes created by the adjacent team of recipe developers and editors. On the other side of the kitchen is a purpose-built kitchen studio, with two cameras mounted overhead, where the finalised dishes are photographed to illustrate the food bag meal to be prepared.

The kitchen also has a large pantry and walk-in fridge – Robinson points out that essentially it’s operating like a medium-to-large sized restaurant.

Plus there’s an area for administrative team members to come down and eat what’s been cooked during the day – another enjoyable perk of working in this new My Food Bag environment.”

Story by Paul Taylor, Trends Magazine – 26 Sep 2017
Photography by Patrick Gailer, Incredible Images

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