111 Carlton Gore Road I Newmarket

111 Carlton Gore Road is a superb A grade office building situated on the main arterial route into Newmarket, just minutes from Auckland’s CBD and close to the Auckland Domain. The building needed a smart new upgrade to enhance its position in the tenancy market. This would entail a complete upgrade to the main Lobby,  and base build shell upgrades to both Ground Floor and Level 1 tenancies. The objective with the building entrance was to create a fresh, modern and practical lobby space and lift area, which would provide a focal point for the building and attract prospective tenants.

To achieve this, we changed the lobby structure to accommodate new usage for both access to end of trip facilities, and the Ground Floor tenancy. We incorporated two corridors on either side of the central lift well to provide movement through to the end of trip facilities located around the building core, whilst minimising any impact to the Ground Floor tenancy. The design incorporated the use of specialist wall, ceiling and flooring finishes, as well as feature lighting to lift the presence of the Lobby upon entry. The Lobby design minimised the use of sqm Ground Floor real estate, whilst providing a modern Lobby for tenants on Level 1 through to 5, and all works were programmed and managed over a three week period while still allowing all tenants full access for the use of lifts and lobby – this was achieved with careful planning, health and safety management, and a schedule of works outside main business hours. The landlord was able to establish the property at the desired level and attract a large international tenant into the vacant space in the building.

Staff: n/a
Size: n/a
Value: $290,000
Base Build Upgrade & Lobby Refurbishment