260 Oteha Valley Road I Albany

EROAD is a fully integrated technology, tolling and services provider who modernises road charging and compliance for road transport, and is a leading provider of health and safety compliance and fleet management solutions. EROAD wanted an office that reflected a high energy working environment which fostered team innovation. EROAD were in two offices, the fit-outs of both had been inherited from previous tenants, our task was to refurbish the main building and relocate all teams.

We were bringing together very different business roles under one roof and our brief was to create an environment that worked for everyone. We created a town square in the centre of the building with the 3 main businesses around the perimeter. Everyone comes together in the centre breaking down the current silos. There are a multitude of meeting spaces negating the need for too many enclosed rooms. EROAD like change so we designed an environment that they can inhabit and modify as they choose . The design was kept simple, timeless and durable. Angled partitions were used to break up the formality of the space whilst timber wallpaper was added as a cost effective solution along with primary paint colours to contrast EROAD’s corporate colours of red, white and black.

Staff: 100pax
Size: 1,595sqm
Value: $1,500,000
Base Build & Tenancy Fit Out + Furniture Procurement