60 Highbrook Drive I Auckland

Kings is an Australian owned and operated courier company – offering supply chain solutions across Australia and more recently New Zealand. Their key vision is to be Collaborative, Progressive, Trustworthy and United. Expanding and opening a new office is always a perfect opportunity to reinforce the brand and set a company on the right path forward.

Kings had a very clear vision of the quality they wanted to achieve. They had already invested in clear and concise branding in Australia, but it was our job to reflect that brand, in what is to be their flagship office for New Zealand. They also wanted the office to be able to last, to stand the test of time – not just as the business grew but also as the business ebbed and flowed – by making it a flexible space for the staff that use it, not just the kiwis but the visiting Australians too.

We worked closely with Mark Mastroianni (Director NZ) to ensure we got the layout right, making the most of the end tenancy on Level 1, Building 6/60 Highbrook. There are great views across Highbrook from this building and we made sure the layout did not block these views, we made sure they were the heroes of the space – enabling staff to work in an environment that made them feel important and valued.

Kings’ primary brand colours are black, white and red – with the secondary brand colours being tones of warm grey. We feel it is imperative that you can ‘feel’ the brand as you walk into a space without having to be too obvious. There are two red blade lights in the reception that echo the two red lines in Kings logo, the only other red (the correct red of course) are two suspended planters over the copier in the centre of the space. The rest of the space is very restrained – fine black partitioning punctuated with natural finishes and relief from the plants.

Our key aim on every project is a happy customer and we really enjoy going along the journey with them – forging relationships that last. Their goals become our goals. To have a client that was so in-depth with regard to detail for the overall outcome was inspiring and it was a privilege to be able to deliver this office to them.

Staff: 20 pax
Size: 250 sqm
Value: $200,000
Integrated Base Build & Tenant Fit-Out