46 Sale Street I Auckland Central

Philip Morris International is a leading international tobacco company, with a diverse workforce of around 77,000 people who hail from every corner of the globe.

Philip Morris had just gone through a visual identity rebrand when we started working with them, so we took our aesthetic lead from this new collateral. The new brand was bold and black with subtle nuances of gloss on matt with hints of the old brass logo but in a very clean, modern format. Philip Morris also have brand identity for their products – with their flagship IQOS brand being very muted pastel colours with natural oak timber finishes in their retail outlets. For their office we combined the corporate with the retail to come up with a palette of finishes that had the strong black with the oak mixed in with the more subtle colours of the IQOS brand. We wanted the overall space to ‘feel’ Philip Morris whilst only seeing their logo once when you enter.

For the layout of the office – it needed to be practical on the work side but balanced with plenty of collaboration space on the other. They also needed space to be able to demonstrate their products without if feeling ‘retail’. There was a request for a mezzanine floor which we decided against but the request for a tree was taken on board and it looks amazing.

We are really proud of how the design turned out, the client loves it, but we think the real success on the design side is that they trusted us and overall, very little was changed from the first cut of the concept.

Staff: 90pax
Size: 985sqm
Value: $1,350,000
Integrated Base Build & Tenant Fit-Out