666 Great South Road I Penrose

Sealord is a proud New Zealand company and the country’s best known seafood brand. With fishing operations in New Zealand and Australia, Sealord is one of the largest seafood companies in the Southern Hemisphere. And with more than 50 years of fishing experience, farming, processing and marketing operations, the business consistently delivers quality seafood to their customers around the world.

Most people know the Sealord brand, we’ve all seen the adverts ‘swim like a fish!’ So it was really interesting to get to the know the people behind the brand. Their product brand is very strong in the market place but they also have strong company values that they adhere to in everything that they do. They even have a value for how they look – they are simple, but not simplistic, they are approachable; inspired by the deep, vast ocean and are always delicious.

So that is how we approached the design of the project, practically we worked with them to make sure the layout worked for how they wanted to work (kept it simple) and then transformed the space to be a true reflection of their brand. We kept a very light coastal feel to the finishes – using tongue and groove panelling to the reception mimicking their food photography back drops, we used Kayne Mail for screening to hint at a fishing net, light fresh fabrics and colours in the reception. The finishes palette was purely blue hues mixed in with light timber and white with the only splash of alternative colour being the yellow pendants lights in the lunchroom that is a nod to the good old Sou’wester oilskins worn by fishermen. They had amazing photographic collateral which we used where possible within the office space – this was a great connection for those working in Auckland to who they are and what they do. We also had one blue line in the carpet that points geographically to Nelson, the location of their head office.

Their key outcome for the project was an office that truly reflected who they are – and they are very happy in their new home!

Staff: 50pax
Size: 605sqm
Value: $720,000
Integrated Base Build & Tenant Fit-Out